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Living my life is harder than what's written ,Hello and welcome to today's school assembly. My name is Stuart and I will take to you about my experience with what is so called “love”. As some of you know I’m a New York Publisher and I have best selling book and really pashion about writing but something i have not done is talk about my personal love life in front of an audience.so this will be fun ,
mainly today i will talk about what i went through when i was in a relationship with a girl who was to focus on be successful and going places as for my life motto was always thinking life is so strange and things will take me by surprise and before I know it i lived by “Life is strange. You keep moving and keep growing. Before you know it, you look back and think, "What was that?" that was me when my relationship with a girl named Samantha came to life
To start i will tell you what happened when i met this girl and how it had an impact on my life and still has to this day. It all started at a party very harmless right ? and My friend danny and i were going to pick up to two of danny’s friends.we go there and picked them up, and then i learnt their names there was Maddie and Samantha , now Samantha looked nerves to meet me and then we spoke and when kind of remembered each other from school.

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From time to time we would meet and i would always invite her places slowly we started acting like a couple and to be honest my feeling were getting stronger and stronger till one day she sent me an email and it broke my heart to think that she is going through something very tough , something that i’ve never expected. Samantha had a disease called Niemann–Pick type C which had inharented and the people who had the disease in her family died and according wikipedia “i say in a siri voice” There is no known cure for Niemann–Pick type C, nor is there any FDA-standard approved disease modifying treatment which sucked but i had to understand why she did not tell me . she thought that i will not be supportive or anything but i proved her wrong by sending three messages explaining that i will stay as long as possible and help out as much as possible and from there i started helping out the family begin with her more. My feelings were growing day by day.
I thought this relationship will grow and continue, that she is innocent and she won't leave me. I thought i gave her what she wanted from me , which was simply love , trust , loyalty and from that whole experans i thought “key work = thought” that the relationship sam and i grow was that simply love , trust , loyalty . but i was wrong , way off. You see one day Sam went missing and her parents called me to ask if she was with me. I simply replied no and stated to look for her ,
i looked everywhere tell i finally found them . yes you heard me correctly them and you might be asking who is them. Well let me tell you, She was on the floor with another guy that she called ‘dumbshit neighbor” may i add both naked and sleeping to say in other words she was cheating on me. And at that moment I was simply angrily depressed which can be put together to for one word and one word only S.A.D. yes i was sad she cheated on me and the guy and i even had a fight i think i almost broke his nose and left

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